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new release v0.97-rc1

Indico v0.97.0 beta

If you need a detailed installation process, please read here.


From this version one can install indico from command line as easy as this:

easy_install cds-indico


If you prefer to download the egg or tarball to install manually:


from v0.97b or Git Repo

After installing, please run the following command line from a terminal:

PYTHONPATH=/path/to/your/indico/dir/ python -c "from MaKaC.common.db import DBMgr; \
DBMgr.getInstance().startRequest(); from MaKaC.modules.base import ModulesHolder; \
del ModulesHolder()._getIdx()['upcoming_events']; DBMgr.getInstance().endRequest()"

from 0.96.2

Since the new version comes with more indexes, after installing 0.97b you will have to run the scripts:


from older versions

Check in the old project's web