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Indico v0.97.0 beta

If you need a detailed installation process, please read here.


From this version one can install indico from command line as easy as this:

easy_install cds-indico


If you prefer to download the egg or tarball to install manually:


from v0.97b or Git Repo

The following should be enough:

$ easy_install cds-indico

$ indico_initial_setup --existing-config=/opt/indico/etc/indico.conf #replace with your path to your indico.conf

# restart apache
/path/to/httpd restart

The following command will also be required, if you're upgrading from v0.97b or an old Git version:

python -c "from MaKaC.common.db import DBMgr; \
DBMgr.getInstance().startRequest(); from MaKaC.modules.base import ModulesHolder; \
del ModulesHolder()._getIdx()['upcoming_events']; DBMgr.getInstance().endRequest()"

This will cause your upcoming event list to be reset, so, if you had one set, you'll have to reconfigure it

from 0.96.2

Since the new version comes with more indexes, after installing 0.97b you will have to run the scripts:


from older versions

Check in the old project's web