Following the tradition of CDS Agenda, the CERN Document Server Software Consortium developed a web application to schedule and organise events, from simple lectures to complex meetings, workshops and conferences with sessions and contributions. The tool also includes an advanced user delegation mechanism, allow paper reviewing, archival of conference information and electronic proceedings.

The Indico software was originally developed in the framework of the EU InDiCo project. Nowadays, Indico is a free software licensed under terms of GNU General Public License (GPL).

Indico is currently in production at CERN at You are welcome to have a look at the set of features, and subscribe to the mailing lists in order to be kept informed about future releases.

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New tickets for v1.0

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Fixed tickets

Changing text in webcast requests
Correct english mistakes in RB
Return MS Office mime types as "attachment"
Subtle problem - with @cached_classproperty affecting Group.addMember()
Event log: properly render email body

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